How To Decorate Your Home In Country Style.

Country style is one choice for home decorating if you want to change the interior style of your home. This style suits a home in natural environment, countryside, or a home which has gardening space. It gives the warm, natural and down to earth atmosphere. So many people like to decorate their homes to be in this style.

If you plan to change or decorate your home to be in country style, you may need to check information to get some guidelines well. Decorating in country style is not that easy as much as you think.

To change to be in this style, you need to change for the whole home not only one or two rooms as the style does not really match with other style (such as modern or ancient style).

The main idea on decorating your home in country style is nature and simplicity. To choose furniture that accentuates country home decorating, you need to be aware of the nature style as well. Thus light wood or wicker is recommended and the materials portraying the beauty of nature. Also the decorating fabric like slip covers, cushions, bed sheet, or mat should bring out how natural the furniture is. So fabric colours should be earth tone  like green,  brown and terracotta. The pattern of the fabric should also be related to nature such as floral or Scottish pattern.

Concerning to coulours of the whole look, keep it be clean and in earth tone. Colors should convey rural atmosphere.  So the coulours should be light to medium shades of white, yellow, pink, green or brown. Colors should convey rural atmosphere. Adding the painted walls or using stencils with rustic character such as flowers or plants, fruits or vegetables can make it more country. About wallpaper, the floral pattern, again, should be selected.

To keep a rustic and simple pattern, most part of the home should be wood. Also, the floor should be made of natural wood. Layer wood can be used if you have limited budget but the carpet should be in earth tone coulours. For country floors which are flagstone or tile, it can be decorated with stencils and patterns in many styles. The rugs are recommended to be added as well.  The hooked, quilted and braided rugs can make the home more primitive and natural.

For the accessories of a country home, the simple and natural ones should be considered first. They should fit wooden furniture, floral theme of fabric, and the rustic atmosphere. You had better not put too many accessories as country style goes along with simplicity. Wooden stuffs are recommended as they suits wooden home. Plants and scented candles can make your home warm and close to nature. Lace or shutters provide a cozy country atmosphere. Keep in mind that too much decoration in country home makes your home look awkward, the best is simplicity. So every plain stuff can be put in. The primitive stuffs and the classic paintings are suggested to be added as they can accentuate the rustic theme.

If you decide to make your home look country, do check and search the information in detail. Although country style is based on simplicity, but ,in detail, making your home to be in country style can be complicate.

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