Things you’re probably doing wrong in the shower

You must be wondering what could be wrong with showering, it is quite straightforward? You just have to turn on the water, take the shower as usual and step out of the bathroom. But no, there are some careless showering mistakes we all make that are harmful to our skin and we are unaware of it.

Things Wrong In Shower

After a good research, we found these common mistakes you all make while taking shower.

1. Taking long hot showers

There is no doubt in it that a steamy shower is all you need after a stressful workday or to worm up on the cold mornings, but this is not at all good for the skin. Taking hot showers can strip the skin of its natural oils and can even make common problems like eczema worse. It can also increase itching even in people who do not have eczema. Keep the showers short and the temperature warm, for a healthier skin.

But if you believe that if not hot then cold water is better, wait. The only advantage use using cold water is for the person whose skin turns red due to warm water.

2. Using shower gels and body washes with excessive lather

A cleanser has more bubbles or lather and it can strip your skin of its natural oils. A surfactant is an ingredient present in the soap that does this, they are the chemicals that attract both oil and water. Surfactants can bind oil and remove it from the skin when combined with water. Therefore, cleansers that contain strong surfactants can give you a dry and rough skin. The acne clearing body wash can be used if you are suffering from body acne.

According to the research, dove and olay are two of the products that work excellently and strips fewer lipids and proteins from the skin and keep the skin better hydrated than others. If and only if you have any certain dermatologic need, there is no need of using any antibacterial wash in bar or liquid regularly.

3. Not cleaning soap completely off

After you step out of the shower, sometimes you’ll see a strand of soap bubbles at the back of your neck. And most of the time you just clean it with the towel as you dry off. Dermatologists warn that not cleaning off the soap properly can cause skin irritation and dryness.

But it also depends on the type of soap you use, harsh cleansers can cause irritation if left on the skin because of the chemicals and fragrance present in these soaps. Whereas, some gentle cleansers are actually made not be rinsed properly as they have additional moisturizers to help restore skin barrier after cleansing.

4. Applying deep pore facial masks AFTER showering

Many of you must fully clean your face pores in the shower and then apply a face mask afterward. This is wrong, you should apply the mask before washing the face. Washing before and after a mask can be too drying for many skin types.

If you apply anything after the shower it will be absorbed quickly and you may get more irritation. You should use something hydrating and occlusive after the shower to add back and seal in moisture.

5. Rough towel-drying instead of doing a gentle pat-dry

We all are in so much of hurry that we just want to wipe down fast and get dressed as soon as possible, but how you dry it off really matters. To prevent dry skin from getting worse, pat down your skin with a towel.

It is even important to moisturize your skin after bathing, because water evaporates off the skin quickly after a shower, leaving it dry.


Ideas To Add Colour To Your Lips

Adding fascinating colors to your lips adds to fun and excitement. You want to have fabulous stain on your wide lips isn’t it? Here are scintillating ways to add color and pop to your great lips without putting in the strain of it

Add fun colors to your lips and pep up your appearance in parties and rave events with all your style.

Tang powder or with the use of soft drinks

Do you have a tang powder with orange or cola flavor?  Then it should help you achieve the look pretty much at ease. Just pick your favorite flavor, damper your finger and dip it inside the powder. Smoothen the paste and delicately apply the same across your lips. Make sure the shade doesn’t get blotted all over. And voila!! you are ready to go. The shade lasts longer. You can just slip in and out of trendy evening parties in this cool duo. Soft drinks or sugar candies can also stain lips the same way. Don’t lick up your lips immediately upon application of the same. Ice-cream candies also helps you achieve the same kind of look.


If you want to achieve the look of world famous celebrity named Shailene Woods and get the look which she donnes at red carpet parties here is the tip you can follow. Roast beetroot for 30-35 minutes on medium to high flame. Allow the same to cool down. Just rub it on your fingers and dab it across your lips. Your natural stain is ready and leaves you glamorous in less than a minute. You can apply a lip balm or a moisturizer for the added glossy effect on your lips.


Cranberries not only taste great and are power packed with nutrients that your body needs. You also get a natural lip color with the help of raw cranberries. Make a pulp of it or juice off cranberries and apply the same across your gorgeous looking lips. You can make out the difference all by yourself.

When you can use cranberries directly on your lips why buy cranberry flavored lip sticks? More than half the women across the world lick 4 pounds of lip sticks in their entire life time. Not knowing what goes inside. Licking cranberry pulp or juice off your lips makes sure you know what you are eating.

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When you find someone close to your heart munching on a bowl of cherries, grab the pick away from them. Not to leave them dried up but to add a natural and glowing sheen on your lips. Learn to multi task with simple products available right at home. This freshens up your look.

Dab the juice that comes of squashing cherries across your lips. The juice from cherries adds more life to your overall appearance. You can add cherries to beeswax or petroleum jelly to add to a glossier appearance.


All of you know on the fact that pomegranate stains badly. Why not use it to your advantage? You can pretty much use the product as a long lasting and natural lip product. You simply don’t have to run through the ordeal of deseeding the luscious fruit. All you need to do is just squash the juice emitted on the pomegranate across your lovable lips. In a nutshell pomegranate juice just about does the trick. The tip is that juices do not last longer than the real fruit.

Food dyes

These exotic food dyes not only add flavor to your food but also can add lip stain at absolutely no cost at all. However make sure you don’t directly apply food dyes as the same can leave a blotted and messy appearance on your otherwise kissable lips. Don’t let it spoil your charismatic and super classy image. Use a Q-tip to apply the color evenly and layer it on till you reach the desired intensity. As a finishing touch, rub your lips together so that you get an even toned and well contoured look across your lips. And be ready to get those awesome compliments from friends and loved ones.

Black berries

Do you want a deep purple tint or a deeper red, then try out blackberries as a natural lip stain. You can use soggy black berries for the purpose as they are not sweet to consume. You can mash black berries together to form a deep red pulp. Add a dash of olive oil or mix it with vinegar to add as a preservative and you can use the natural lip stick for longer days to come. It adds a more vivacious texture to your lips. And apply the same with your fingers or use a Q-tip, that’s all.

Chocolate powder

You can mix dark chocolate cocoa powder with little bit of water. Make a thick paste to have a chocolate flavored color across your super-duper lips. The simple effort can win over many hearts. A natural lip stain that is worth it. You can apply the fabulous mix just before you hit the all-girls party. You can melt dark chocolate in a micro wave if you don’t have drinking chocolate at home.

These simple and effective tips go a long way in achieving the desired looks even which costly and expensive shades of lipsticks cannot do. Plus natural homemade lip stains last longer just by adding simple preservatives and they are completely free from harmful chemicals. You can mix and match nude shades with a darker color so that you have an even tone. And create that fabulous appearance for an evening duo or for a causal outing with a group of friends.

Just dig into the items that are placed in the refrigerator and you will find more products that naturally stain your lips. Not only harmful ingredients go into making of lip sticks but also are are expensive. So why not add great color to your lips without the use of store bought products.